Anxiety is Beautiful Rainbow Abstract Crochet Purse

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Looking for a unique bohemian style handbag? I have you covered with one of my one-of-a-kind purses. They all have unique personalities and were created by yours truly. You'll never be caught matching another woman's handbag -which is always a great feeling!


This bag is unique because is it was created in a time I was filled with anxiety, fear and stress. Walking into the fabric store, I felt an overwhelming sense of these emotions until I had one simple thought. Acceptance. From that moment, I decided I wanted to create a bohemian purse that expressed these emotions in bright colors. It is important to realize that all of your emotions are part of you and their to help serve you in one way or another! So, this is my celebration of being fully me, and I am hoping it can be that for you!


Features for this boho bag are:

- Crochet netted bag and handle
- Abstract soft colorful fabric inner lining
- 2 color options in pink and blue
- pink purse has multi color rainbow beading chain
- blue purse has multi color rainbow pom pom chain


I suggest spot cleaning this bag for when those mistakes happen. It is easy to clean, just use cold water and a gentle cleanser.


Flying with Air was created by human trafficking survivor Air who found healing in the bohemian lifestyle. Now, wanting every bohemian box to feel like a hand-wrapped gift, she started the best bohemian subscription box filled with fashion and self-care wellness.

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